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1. ETFO Takes Action on Violence in Schools ETFO Takes Action on Violence in Schools1. ETFO Takes Action on Violence in SchoolsETFO’s new 2:56 minute video for locals and members outlines reporting procedures for violence in schools and provides an important introduction on the legal requirements for reporting a violent incident. For more information, please visit
1. Planning with the STEP Resource - Primary Planning with the STEP Resource - Primary1. Planning with the STEP Resource - PrimaryA webcast for Primary division teachers in Ontario on using the STEP Resource to support English Language Learners.
2. Planning with the STEP Resource - Junior Planning with the STEP Resource - Junior2. Planning with the STEP Resource - JuniorA webcast for Junior division teachers in Ontario on using the STEP Resource to support English Language Learners.
2. Risk Assessment and Safety Plans Risk Assessment and Safety Plans2. Risk Assessment and Safety PlansThe second video in ETFO's three-part series on workplace violence focuses on how the risks of violence are controlled in schools.

Annual Meeting 2020, /aboutetfo/annualmeeting/pages/annualmeeting.aspx Meeting 20201|About ETFOFooter Links
365 Black Canadian Curriculum, /SupportingMembers/Resources/Pages/365.aspx Black Canadian Curriculum2|Featured ResourcesFooter Links
Building Better Schools, https://www.buildingbetterschools.ca Better Schools4|Featured WebsitesFooter Links
Allegations - What to do, /supportingmembers/professionals/pages/allegations.aspx - What to do3|Advice for MembersFooter Links
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Black Canadian Calendar, /SupportingMembers/Resources/Pages/BlackCanadianCal.aspx Canadian Calendar2|Featured ResourcesFooter Links
LGBTQ Workplace Rights, /supportingmembers/employees/pages/lgbtqrights.aspx Workplace Rights3|Advice for MembersFooter Links
Directions to ETFO, /aboutetfo/provincialoffice/pages/directionstoetfo.aspx to ETFOQuick Links
For Occasional Teachers, /supportingmembers/resources/pages/foroccasionalteachers.aspx Occasional Teachers2|Featured ResourcesFooter Links
ETFO Locals, /aboutetfo/governance/pages/locals.aspx Locals1|About ETFOFooter Links
Long Term Disability, /supportingmembers/employees/pages/ltdguide.aspx Term Disability3|Advice for MembersFooter Links
ETFO and AODA Compliance, /aboutetfo/provincialoffice/pages/aoda.aspx and AODA ComplianceQuick Links
ETFO Collective Bargaining 2019, https://etfocb.ca Collective Bargaining 20194|Featured WebsitesFooter Links
Social Justice Begins with Me, /buildingajustsociety/equityresources/pages/socialjustice.aspx Justice Begins with Me2|Featured ResourcesFooter Links
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Pregnancy & Parental Leave, /supportingmembers/employees/pages/pregnancyparental.aspx & Parental Leave3|Advice for MembersFooter Links
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ETFO First Nations, Métis & Inuit Education, https://etfofnmi.ca First Nations, Métis & Inuit Education4|Featured WebsitesFooter Links
Welcoming and Supporting LGBTQ Families, /buildingajustsociety/lgbtq/pages/lgbtfamilies.aspx and Supporting LGBTQ Families2|Featured ResourcesFooter Links
ETFO Health & Safety, http://etfohealthandsafety.ca Health & Safety4|Featured WebsitesFooter Links
Provincial Executive, /aboutetfo/governance/pages/provincialexecutive.aspx Executive1|About ETFOFooter Links
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ETFO Members Sharing in Assessment, Members Sharing in Assessment4|Featured WebsitesFooter Links
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