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Women in Action

Women in ActionThe union’s Women in Action is a program designed to encourage the active involvement and leadership of ETFO members who self-identify as women.

This 12-hour leadership training program is funded by the provincial office and organized by locals to offer members who are not experienced with activism and leadership with an opportunity to learn new skills and get involved. Our goal is to empower women leadership to continue to build the union’s strength for tomorrow!

With financial support and trained member facilitators from the provincial office, the program is organized by locals and is presented over a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning. The workshops can be organized by one local or by several locals working together.

For more information, view this flyer (PDF|Word) and read this booklet on What Locals Need to Know (PDF|Word).

Currently Women in Action has two levels of training. Level I will provide members an introduction to activism and leadership. Level II builds on the experiences of Level I. Starting in the Spring of 2019 the program will have a third level and it will solely run as a provincial program. The new Women in Action III will be available for up to 20 members who are graduates of Women in Action I and II; it will include developing an equity/anti-oppression framework, discussing what leadership is, profiling different forms of women’s leadership in the union and highlighting different leadership styles.

Locals interested in organizing this leadership training series should contact Denise Hammond, Executive Assistant, Communications and Political Action, via email

For the 2018-19 year funding is available to support 12 programs to be run by locals.