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ETFO Suggested Resources for Gender Independent Children and Transgender Youth/Adults

​​​​A list of resources and service providers have been compiled to assist members in supporting Gender Independent Children and Trans Youth/Adults in their schools and communities. Gender Independent Children are children whose gender identity or expression differs from what others expect. Until recently, there has not been a lot of resources or supports for Gender Independent Children and Trans Youth/Adults.

From time to time, this list will be updated as new services, programs, and resources are developed.

To view the resources, click here:  PDF |Word (updated March 2020)

Voice Articles

Voice LogoThese related articles from Voice Magazine are also available:

  • It's the Small Things that Matter Most (PDF |Word )
  • Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools for Gender-Independent Children (PDF |Word )
  • All Gender Cabins and Their Place in Trans-Inclusive Spaces (PDF |Word )
  • How to Become a Super Rad Gender Warrior Classroom teacher (PDF |Word)
  • ETFO’s Transgender Policy (PDF |Word)
  • Gender Neutral Language: An Activity for Day of Pink or Any Day (PDF |Word)

ETFO Transgender Policy

ETFO Transgender PolicyAt the 2015 Annual Meeting ETFO members passed the Transgender Policy resolution. This policy is now part of the ETFO reference book. Read the policy here: PDF | Word.

Find out what ETFO has done to implement the Transgender Policy

  • Implementation of Transgender Policy – 2016 Annual Meeting Report (PDF | Word)
  • 2017 Report to the Annual Meeting (PDF | Word)
  • Implementation of ETFO’s new Transgender Policy – EWS Report to the 2016 Annual Meeting (PDF |Word)
  • Report to the 2017 Annual Meeting on ETFO’s Equity and Women’s Services Programs (PDF | Word)

ETFO's journey to implement and embrace its transgender policy, Perspective Magazine, Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Issue No. 23, February 2017.

Ten ways Educators can resist Transgender Erasure

To find out what you can do as an educator to resist transgender erasure and support staff and students in your workplace (PDF | Word)

Ten Ways to be an Ally

To find out what you can do to be a trans ally and support students and staff in your school or workplace (PDF | Word)

Every Member of Our Group Has the Right

One strategy to create an all gender friendly classroom is to post the Every Member Of Our Group Has The Right document (PDF |Word). It is important to introduce and discuss the contents in this document with your students.

The ETFO Body Image Project

The ETFO Body Image Project Reflections of Me...ETFO’s Body Image Curriculum is a research-based resource that assists teachers in ensuring that children develop positive body image and self-esteem. The resource can be purchased from ETFO's online store shopETFO.

For more information about supporting students in their gender and sexuality, click here.

EWS Workshops

Gender and Sexuality 101Gender and Sexuality 101

EWS has created a new workshop called Gender and Sexuality 101. For more information on the Gender and Sexuality 101 workshop, click here (PDF |Word).

To find out more about the workshop and what our facilitators are saying, click here (PDF |Word).

Social Justice Begins With Me

Social Justice Begins With MeSocial Justice Begins With Me (SJBWM) is an ETFO literature-based resource kit for Early Years to Grade 8 available in both a suitcase and CD version. This year-round resource builds on the concepts originally introduced in We're Erasing Prejudice for Good and is organized using ten monthly themes: Self-Esteem, Sharing Our Lives, Peace, Building Supportive Communities, Rights of the Child, Caring Hands, Untie the Knots of Prejudice, Local and Global Citizenship, True Worth and Beauty and Circles and Cycles.

For more information on SJBWM, click here.

SJBWM Booklists

The SJBWM booklists were created to make members aware of the picture books that are included in the resource. This particular booklist includes LGBTQ picture books.

The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education In Canada's K-12 Schools Final Report

The Every Teacher Project The Every Teacher Project is a national research study that was carried out by the University of Winnipeg in partnership with the Manitoba Teachers Society (MTS). Every teacher organization in Canada assisted the researchers and project partners in getting the word out about the initial online survey, where over 3,400 teachers from across Canada participated in the largest study to date worldwide on teachers' perspectives on LGBTQ-inclusive education.

The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education in Canada's K-12Schools Final Report can be found here in English and French.

The Every Teacher Project Toolkit includes an Appendix D:How can I support Trans* Students? on page 157.

The 519 Community Centre in Toronto

The 519 is committed to the health, happiness and full participation of the LGBTQ community. A City of Toronto agency with an innovative model of service, space and leadership that strives to make a real difference in people’s lives, while working to promote inclusion, understanding and respect. Creating Authentic Spaces: A Gender Identity and Gender Expression Toolkit to Support the Implementation of Institutional and Social Change is a resource from the 519.