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ETFO Workplace Violence Symposium

ETFO Workplace Violence Symposium

The ETFO Workplace Violence Symposium was held at the Delta Hotels Toronto Airport and Conference Centre on December 2-3, 2019.

The Symposium provided a first-time opportunity for diverse organizations to share expertise about violence in school communities; to explore bridges and barriers in prevention; and to identify the key actions that are needed for our schools to be safer and healthier places to learn and to work.

Forty-nine organizations were represented at the Symposium including federal and provincial federations and unions; school boards; provincial government; workplace health and safety; children and youth mental health; and media. There were 160 registrants from across Canada.
The program included five plenary speakers and three panelists, each with their own professional perspective on the issue of school violence and the well-being of both staff and students. In addition, event participants selected one of six facilitated discussion groups to share ideas about identifying actions and next steps.

A Summary Report is being written and will capture key findings and recommendations from presenters, as well as outcomes from the six discussion groups. The content will also assist organizations in their work, independently and with others, to prioritize school violence as a leading concern.

The Symposium Summary Report, along with other related resources, will be posted at