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PRS Matters Bulletins - Advice for Members


​Sorted in Reverse Chronological Order With Notes

Mental Health and Wellness Tips for Members During the Pandemic.aspx
1111/27/20211/27/2021Members as Employees
WSIB and COVID-19 in the Workplace.aspx
11011/6/202011/6/2020Members as Employees
Providing Private Instruction.aspx
1098/31/20208/31/2020Members as Employees
Supporting Members Throughout the Pandemic.aspx
1084/1/20209/28/2020Members as Employees
Impairment at Work.aspx
1072/13/20202/13/2020Members as Employees
Workers Compensation for Chronic Mental Stress.aspx
10612/19/201912/19/2019Members as Employees
Use of Electronic Technology in the Classroom.aspx
10510/7/201910/7/2019Members as Professionals
Advice to ETFO Occasional Employees.aspx
1044/11/20194/26/2019Members as Employees
Class Building.aspx
701/16/20195/28/2013Members as Professionals
Policy and Program Memorandum 155.aspx
7112/10/201812/10/2018Members as Professionals
Addressing Violence in the Classroom.aspx
10311/12/201811/12/2018Members as Employees
Reporting Workplace Accidents - Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).aspx
10210/16/20184/26/2021Members as Employees
Allegations Involving CAS and or Police -- What to do if it happens to you.aspx
1019/19/201810/14/2020Members as Professionals
Anticipating a Pregnancy and_or Parental Leave.aspx
1005/8/20185/8/2018Members as Employees
Occassional Teacher Evaluation Process.aspx
994/3/20184/3/2018Members as Employees
Behaviour Management Training.aspx
982/20/20182/20/2018Members as Professionals
School Board Investigations Related to Harassment Complaints.aspx
971/11/20183/7/2018Members as Employees
Member Mental Health - 2017.aspx
9611/14/201711/14/2017Members as Professionals
Your Sick Leave Questions Explained.aspx
959/13/20179/13/2017Members as Employees
What is ETFOs Professional Relations Services.aspx
925/10/20175/10/2017Members as Professionals
Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment.aspx
935/10/20173/7/2018Members as Employees
Growing Success - Kindergarten Addendum 2016.aspx
9112/21/201612/21/2016Members as Professionals
Employee Records.aspx
9011/9/201611/9/2016Members As Employees
College of Early Childhood Educators Continuous Professional Learning Program.aspx
8910/14/201610/14/2016Members as Professionals
The 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum and You.aspx
874/7/20164/7/2016Members as Professionals
Members as Witnesses in Formal Proceedings.aspx
864/5/20166/8/2018Members as Professionals
A Members Duty to Report - under the Child and Family Services Act.aspx
8510/22/201511/5/2018Members as Professionals
DECE Performance Appraisal, Learning Plans and Continuous Professional Learning (CPL).aspx
835/21/20155/21/2015Members as Professionals
Professionalism - Advice to Members.aspx
824/16/20154/16/2015Members as Professionals
Shared Workspaces.aspx
811/19/20151/19/2015Members As Employees
The Student Safety Plan.aspx
8011/19/201411/19/2014Members as Professionals
Filling In For the Absent Principal - Advice to Members.aspx
7910/15/201410/15/2014Members as Professionals
To Volunteer or Not - Volunteering during the Instructional Day.aspx
775/8/20145/8/2014Members as Professionals
Videotaping in the Classroom.aspx
764/23/20144/23/2014Members as Professionals
Building and Maintaining Positive Professional Full-Day Kindergarten Team Relationships.aspx
752/25/20142/25/2014Members as Professionals
The Ontario Human Rights Code - Right or Requirement.aspx
741/22/20141/22/2014Members as Employees
Overnight School Trips - Advice to Members.aspx
7311/20/201311/20/2013Members as Professionals
Requests for Medical Information.aspx
694/19/20131/17/2019Members as Employees
Bill 13 - Accepting Schools Act.aspx
681/30/20131/30/2013Members as Professionals
Member Mental Health.aspx
6710/23/201210/23/2012Members as Employees
The Elementary Provincial Report Card Continued Implementation Update - Grades 1 to 8.aspx
667/20/20121/11/2016Members as Professionals
Documentation and Personal Information Concerning Students.aspx
645/25/20122/4/2019Members as Professionals
Practicing Caution - Guidelines for Electronic Communications.aspx
632/23/20122/23/2012Members as Professionals
Anger in the Workplace.aspx
6111/22/201111/22/2011Members as Employees
Assertive Versus Aggressive Behaviour.aspx
6010/21/201110/21/2011Members as Employees
Electronic Communication and Social Media.aspx
599/14/20119/14/2011Members as Professionals
Individual Education Plan Advice to Members.aspx
586/1/20116/1/2011Members as Professionals
Maintaining Professional Relationships Among All Educators.aspx
573/3/20113/3/2011Members as Professionals
561/24/20111/15/2019Members as Professionals
EQAO Testing - Advice to Members.aspx
559/28/201012/20/2018Members as Professionals
Standardized testing is not something new for students in Ontario.  Elementary and secondary students have taken part in testing at all levels – provincially, nationally and internationally for many years.
Bill 168 Protects Educational Personnel from Violence and Harassment in the Workplace.aspx
536/1/20106/1/2010Members as Employees
Bill 157 - Keeping Our Kids Safe at School Act.aspx
5111/27/20091/15/2019Members as Professionals
Annual Learning Plan - Advice to Members.aspx
5010/20/20091/13/2016Members as Professionals
Teacher Performance Appraisal For Experienced Teachers - Advice to Members.aspx
499/23/200911/22/2018Members as Professionals
This document provides supplementary information related to Volume 45: Teacher Performance Appraisal for Experienced Teachers - Overview of the Process.
The Hidden Dangers of Electronic Communications.aspx
484/24/2009Members as Professionals
Defamatory Websites and Social Networking Pages.aspx
4610/17/200810/17/2008Members as Employees
Student Parent Custody Issues.aspx
444/16/20084/16/2008Members as Professionals
Changes To The Safe Schools Act.aspx
431/22/20081/16/2019Members as Professionals
Teacher Workload - Juggling the Increasing Demands of the Job.aspx
4211/29/20071/16/2019Members as Professionals
Professionalism And Ethics.aspx
4110/1/20071/8/2019Members as Professionals
Also known as 'Professionalism and Ethics: A member's obligations'
Professional Learning Communities.aspx
394/30/200712/20/2018Members as Professionals
Dealing with Conflict.aspx
372/28/200712/17/2018Members as Professionals
Workplace Harassment and Bullying.aspx
3611/30/20061/7/2019Members as Professionals
Working Within Your School Board and Volunteering - Are You Protected.aspx
3510/30/20062/5/2019Members as Professionals
New Teacher Induction Program.aspx
349/30/20069/19/2014Members as Professionals
Performance Appraisal for new teachers and the role of mentors.
Use of Members Own Vehicle.aspx
333/30/20061/25/2019Members as Professionals
Teachers Acting in Advisory Roles.aspx
321/30/20061/29/2019Members as Professionals
Resolving Staff-Principal Concerns.aspx
3111/30/200512/20/2018Members as Professionals
Workplace Accommodations.aspx
3010/30/20054/30/2007Members As Employees
Previously known as 'Disabled Does Not Mean Unable! Accommodation in the Workplace.'
Epipen Fact Sheet - Sabrinas Law.aspx
299/30/200512/20/2018Members as Professionals
Tutoring and Conflict of Interest.aspx
285/30/20054/30/2007Members as Professionals
Notice of Resignation.aspx
263/30/20051/10/2019Members as Employees
Topic also covered in Volume 13 - March 2003.
Electronic Communications.aspx
25 & 92/28/20054/30/2007Members as Professionals
Volume 9 'Electronic Communications' and Volume 25 'E-mail and Text Messaging' combined on website April 30, 2007.
Attitude - Its Everything.aspx
241/30/20054/30/2007Members as Professionals
ETFO Code of Professional Conduct.aspx
231/25/20052/8/2019Members as Professionals
Voluntary Extracurricular Activities.aspx
2210/30/20049/19/2014Members as Professionals
Working with Support Personnel.aspx
219/30/20044/30/2004Members as Employees
Originally published as 'Promoting a Positive School Team.'
Reporting Workplace Accidents.aspx
204/30/20044/30/2007Members as Employees
Professionalism and Ethics - A Members Obligations.aspx
182/28/20049/19/2014Members as Professionals
Fifths Disease and You.aspx
171/30/20044/30/2007Members as Employees
Originally published with 'Employment Insurance Benefits.'
Members as Witnesses in Court Proceedings.aspx
1611/30/20034/30/2007Members as Professionals
Criminal Background Checks.aspx
156/30/20034/30/2007Members As Employees
Money in Schools.aspx
144/30/20034/30/2007Members As Employees
Notice of Resignation 1.aspx
133/31/200311/14/2018Members as Employees
The Different Roles of Teachers.aspx
111/31/20032/1/2019Members as Professionals
Allegations of Sexual Misconduct.aspx
00 -Special Edition10/30/20024/30/2007Members as Professionals
The Student Protection Act.aspx
109/30/20021/11/2019Members as Professionals
Gambling A Hidden Addiction.aspx
076/7/20029/19/2014Members as Employees
Epi-pen Fact Sheet.aspx
051/16/200211/14/2018Members as Professionals
Professional Boundaries.aspx
0310/31/20014/30/2007Members as Professionals
Topic also covered in Volume 2 - August, 2001.