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Role of the Human Rights Officer at ETFO-Sponsored Events


The ETFO Human Rights Statement is to be read at the beginning of all ETFO provincial and local events.

At the beginning of each event, one or two representatives are to be named to act as Human Rights Officers. 

It is the role of the Human Rights Officer to act as contact at each function in the event that a member has a complaint related to the ETFO Human Rights Statement.

If a member advises the Human Rights Officer of a complaint, the following steps should be taken by the Human Rights Officer:

  1. Interview the complainant to determine the nature of the complaint. Take detailed notes about the incident(s) that occurred. List the names of any witnesses.
  2. Ask the complainant how he/she would like the matter to be resolved. Discuss the informal resolution vs. formal resolution.
  3. Meet or talk to the respondent to advise him/her that a complaint has come to your attention. Provide the complainant with an opportunity to respond to the complaint. Take detailed notes. List the names of any witnesses.
  4. If an informal resolution is possible, take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. For example, if the complainant is willing to accept an apology, you may wish to assist the respondent in providing an apology to the complainant. If the parties are willing to meet to resolve the issue, you may act as a mediator in this situation.
  5. If the complainant wishes to file a formal complaint, he/she must advise the General Secretary in writing.​