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1. Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives - Part 1 of 4 Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives - Part 1 of 41. Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives - Part 1 of 4The panelists introduce themselves and then explore the Big Picture, answering the following questions: a) What does it mean to fight for Black lives?; and b) How could Canadian institutions be changed? Length: 21:23
1. ETFO Takes Action on Violence in Schools ETFO Takes Action on Violence in Schools1. ETFO Takes Action on Violence in SchoolsETFO’s new 2:56 minute video for locals and members outlines reporting procedures for violence in schools and provides an important introduction on the legal requirements for reporting a violent incident. For more information, please visit
1. Planning with the STEP Resource - Primary Planning with the STEP Resource - Primary1. Planning with the STEP Resource - PrimaryA webcast for Primary division teachers in Ontario on using the STEP Resource to support English Language Learners.
2. Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives - Part 2 of 4 Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives - Part 2 of 42. Anti-Racism and the Fight for Black Lives - Part 2 of 4This segment explores the topic of defunding the police. Where does the call to defund police come from? How would it work in practice? Length: 10:16

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