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Preview: LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlace Starts Here


ETFO's new LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlace Starts Here Video and accompanying resource guide for educators is a ground-breaking initiative that explores homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in school communities and how to address these issues.

The video features interviews from LGBTQ educators and allies who discuss the issues and challenges they face in their schools, classrooms and workplaces. The video is divided into six chapters with a Professional Development Learning Module to accompany each chapter.

This film was produced by ETFO's Equity and Women's Services department. The full film is 00:41:47 and can be ordered through shopETFO using the following order form: PDF |Word.

This LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlace Starts Here video has sparked conversations and ongoing dialogue amongst members, administrators and family members. See what our members are saying about the video and workshop: PDF |Word.

For more information about booking a workshop for this new resource: PDF |Word.



PREVIEW - LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlace - LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlacePREVIEW - LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlaceThe video 'LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlace Starts Here' was produced by ETFO's Equity and Social Justice Service Area. The full video is 00:41:47 long and can be ordered from shopETFO at

Sample Resource Guide For Educators

Here is a sneak peek at the Resource Guide for Educators that comes with the video: PDF |Word.

In this sneak peak, you’ll find information about the LGBTQ Inclusive SchoolPlace Starts Here video and its six chapters. The index page lists a description of each chapter. You can view the video by chapter or view the entire video all at once. The Resource Guide for Educators includes one Professional Development Learning Module for each chapter of the video. Chapter 3 - Who is Responsible for Addressing LGBTQ Issues? includes an activity called Reflecting on Current Practice used to brainstorm and compare ones’ current practice and envision what that would look like in creating inclusive, non-heterosexist practice. The Resources section lists national and provincial organizations that support and work with LGBTQ individuals.