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This list houses all of the FAQs by Members.

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The first thing you would need to know is whether the event or opportunity in question is a local event or a provincial event.  ETFO has a provincial office and also locals for contract teachers and occasional teachers in each district and in some boards locals for DECEs, Educational Support Personnel and Professional Support Personnel as well.  Speak to the ETFO steward at your work location first to determine who exactly is providing the opportunity, and then contact either your local office or provincial office, or visit the appropriate website for more information.


Your ETFO ID number is listed on the front of your membership card beneath your name.  If you have misplaced your membership card, contact provincial office at 1-888-838-3836 during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and ask for Member Records/Fees.

Many ETFO locals provide funds to members for PD activities.  Contact your local ETFO office to find out the procedure for applying for these funds.  Also, speak with your principal as there may be a school budget for staff PD.
Provincial workshops and conferences are listed on the ETFO website under 'Supporting Members and Local Leaders' and on the calendar.  Online registration is generally live on ETFO's Events Portal a few weeks in advance of the event.
Most ETFO publications are available for purchase through shopETFO. Electronic copies of some publications are available on this site in the ‘Publications’ and ‘Resources’ sections.

The Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario evaluates teacher qualifications for elementary public school teachers in Ontario.  To obtain a new or upgraded Statement of Evaluation, you will need to submit an application for evaluation.  These statements are used by school boards to determine a teacher's salary category. It can take eight to twelve weeks for evaluations to be processed, so be sure to get all your paperwork into QECO as soon as possible.

Certificates of Qualification are issued by the Ontario College of Teachers - the governing body for the profession in the province.  To have your course or program reflected on your Certificate, you will need to submit a Request to Update Registry Information along with an official transcript from the institution where you took your course or program.


There is no need to notify ETFO when you retire as you will cease to pay fees and your membership will become inactive automatically.

If you wish to remain a member of the federation you can apply to become an Associate Member by filling out the Associate Membership Application Form and mailing it to the ETFO office.


The Governance section of this website contains the ETFO Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Positions.


Professional Relations Services is a confidential counselling and support service provided by the Professional Relations Service area at ETFO provincial office.  This service is available to assist members in dealing with work-related concerns. 

Staff in PRS deal with a wide variety of issues including the performance appraisal process, work related conflict, College of Teachers investigations, Human Rights issues (including harassment and discrimination), professional boundaries, and allegations of physical or sexual assault. 

Call 1-888-838-3836 or 416-962-3836 Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and ask to speak to the PRS duty officer on call.


Yes! It is critical that the ETFO Membership Database be kept current as it is used to mail out ETFO’s Voice magazine as well as any other information ETFO may need to send to its members. 

To update your information, please visit the page on this site entitled Update Member Information.


Contact your board’s Human Resources department to obtain information about maternity leave. Most boards have an information package that can be sent to your work location or downloaded from your board's employee website. 

Your ETFO local would be another good source of information on how to prepare for a maternity/parental leave.


Your union dues pay for a wide array of Member Services. Under the Teaching Profession Act, all teachers in publicly funded schools in Ontario belong to one of the four teacher union affiliates that exist under the umbrella of the Ontario Teachers' Federation. Your ETFO member card/number can be used when registering for ETFO's high quality professional learning programs. It can also be used at the Edvantage website for a wide array of retail discounts.


If you are informed that an allegation has been made about you and that CAS or the police have been contacted:

  • DO NOT participate in or consent to an interview.
  • Make no statement to anyone regarding the allegation or charges.
  • Say, “I am willing to co-operate but I am unable to comment until I contact my Federation and legal counsel.”
  • Call Professional Relations Staff (PRS) in Protective Services at 1-888-838-3836 or 416-962-3836 and state that your call is urgent.

In general, ETFO will provide legal counsel to represent you if the allegation is related to your duties as a teacher.  Each situation is reviewed by PRS staff, and legal counsel, if required, is consulted on your behalf by the PRS staff.

Emergency legal assistance is available during evenings and weekends if you are at immediate risk of being incarcerated or arrested.  Call 1-888-838-3836 or 416-962-3836.  A voice message will provide the necessary instructions to put your call through to an operator. You will be asked a few important questions.  Where appropriate, a criminal lawyer will be contacted and you will be connected immediately.


The ETFO has established guidelines for assisting members with LTD and WSIB claims. Any recommendation to proceed to arbitration with an insurance company or an appeal with the WSIB must be approved by the ETFO Legal Support Committee as this committee provides authorization for legal representation.

For more information, please contact the LTD/WSIB counsellor-on-duty at Provincial Office or call your local ETFO office.


You will receive a phone call from an investigator at the College and a letter by registered mail.  If you are the subject of an investigation by the College for alleged professional misconduct:

  • make no statements regarding the allegation; and
  • contact staff in PRS at 1-888-838-3836 or 416-962-3836

Teachers wishing to resign from their position should first consult their collective agreement to see if there is a clause related to notification dates for resignations. Whether or not this exists, a teacher can seek to be released from his/her position with the board by mutual consent.  If a board refuses to grant such a request, the member should contact ETFO provincial office and ask to speak with the Professional Relations Services (PRS) duty officer on call.


While ETFO has the Defense Fund to pay for the cost of a strike, there is no emergency fund which can be accessed for personal reasons.

In general, ETFO provides legal counsel to teachers who are facing allegations related to their professional practice; there is no provision of lawyers for personal matters.