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Member Information


The Membership Database

The Member Records Department is responsible for maintaining the ETFO Membership Database.  This database contains each member’s name, home address, phone numbers, email address, school location, etc. 

The Annual Member Information Survey

Starting in November each year, a member information survey is mailed to each member’s home address.  This survey shows the member what information is currently on file at ETFO and gives the member an opportunity to revise her/his information.

How Member Information is Used

It is critical that the ETFO Membership Database be kept current as it is used to mail out ETFO’s Voice magazine as well as any other information ETFO may need to send to its members. The membership database information is also used to contact members during a work to rule or strike situation.

Keeping Your Information Current

If your information has changed since you filled out the Annual Member Information Survey, you can submit updated information by filling out the Update Member Information Form.


For more information on how the information in the Membership Database is used and how ETFO safeguards your privacy, please contact the Member Records Department at 1-888-838-3836 ext. 3806 or