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ETFO Book Clubs

ETFO Book Clubs logoLocals can access ETFO Book Clubs’ online resources to provide professional development opportunities for their members. ETFO Book Clubs provide an excellent opportunity for our members to enhance their professional knowledge and practice. Participants attend four two-hour sessions that focus on specific chapters of the books introduced below, consider strategies they can try in their classroom, and reflect on and share their experiences within a community of learners. By participating in an ETFO Book Club, educators are provided with a learning experience and an opportunity for professional networking, sharing, and reflection through an in-depth examination of ideas, concepts, research, and strategies presented in a professional resource. When professional book club experiences are tied to the real work of teachers, and to authentic issues they are grappling with in their classrooms, teachers have a deeper understanding of their impact on classroom practice and student learning.

Each ETFO Book club is supported by an ETFO Book Club Facilitator Guide, written by ETFO members for ETFO members. In the role of a Facilitator for an ETFO Book Club, the Facilitator Guide provides you with all the information you need to facilitate the book club. The Facilitator Guide includes information on what is an ETFO Book Club and how an ETFO Book Club is structured; describes the roles and responsibilities for both the participants and the facilitator; details how to establish group norms, identifying the needs of individuals in a group and how to ensure inclusion of all participants in a ETFO Book Club; and includes practical tips for hosting a successful Book Club.

You can now view the ETFO Book Club Information and Selection Catalogue in bothPDF andWord formats.

For more information contact Kalpana Makan at the provincial office at 1-888-838-3836 or

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expand CalcOrder : #!28#!Book Club Structure ‎(1)
expand CalcOrder : #!26#!Roles and Responsibilities ‎(1)
expand CalcOrder : #!24#!The Role of the Facilitator ‎(1)
expand CalcOrder : #!22#!Establishing Group Norms ‎(1)
expand CalcOrder : #!20#!Building Inclusion ‎(1)
expand CalcOrder : #!18#!Needs of Individuals in Groups ‎(1)
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​Facilitators' Guides

expand Title : ETFO Special Education Handbook ‎(1)
expand Title : FNMI: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Perspectives and the Truth and Reconciliation ‎(1)
expand Title : FNMI: Introduction - First Nations, Métis and Inuit Cultural Connections ‎(1)
expand Title : I Am the Teacher ‎(1)
expand Title : Jardin d’enfants  ‎(1)
expand Title : Learning Through Teacher Research: A Guidebook for Your Action Research ‎(1)
expand Title : Learning Together:  A Teacher’s Guide to Combined Grades ‎(1)
expand Title : Planning for Student Learning ‎(1)
expand Title : Possibilities: Addressing Poverty in Elementary Schools ‎(1)
expand Title : Primarily Play: Engaging primary learners through play ‎(1)
expand Title : Primary ETFO Arts  ‎(1)
expand Title : Professional Learning to Reshape Teaching ‎(1)
expand Title : Re-Spond & Re-Build: The ETFO Guide to Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy ‎(1)
expand Title : Re-Think, Re-Connect, Re-Imagine: Thinking About Ourselves, Our Schools, Our Communities ‎(1)
expand Title : Revised ETFO ARTS  ‎(1)
expand Title : Social Justice Begins With Me ‎(1)
expand Title : Teaching for Deep Understanding ‎(1)
expand Title : The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to Assessment That Informs Instruction ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to Child Development ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to Learning In Centres ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to Literacy and the Young Child ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to Playing Is Learning ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to Science and Technology ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to The Arts - Joyful Learning ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Introduction to Thinking Mathematically ‎(1)
expand Title : Thinking It Through: Teaching and Learning in the Kindergarten Classroom ‎(1)

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