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Volunteer Opportunities

Poll Clerks at Annual Meeting 2014Members have the opportunity to volunteer for appointed duties during the Annual Meeting. There are two main volunteer roles: Assistants and Poll Clerks. 


Note: for experienced volunteers

  1. To assist the chair of the steering, resolutions, or credentials committee in carrying out the responsibilities assigned to the committee.
  2. To assist the Annual Meeting Committee in carrying out its responsibilities in the operation of the Annual Meeting.

Poll Clerks:

  1. To assist the chair of the credentials committee.
  2. To assist in the counting of recorded votes.
  3. To assist the returning officer in the distribution, collection, and counting of election ballots during years in which elections are held.
  4. To monitor participants attending the Annual Meeting to ensure that the proper credentials are appropriately displayed.
  5. To assist in the counting of delegates to ensure that a quorum is in place prior to the start of each session.
  6. To assist in the distribution and collection of materials to/from delegates.
  7. To assist the chair in maintaining a speaker's​ list.
  8. To assist the chair in timing speakers.

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